Posted on: July 1, 2009 12:53 am

Jason Marquis Tonight.....WOW!!!!

I have just finished watching a DOMINATING pitching performance by Jason Marquis of the Rockies tonight and I have to say that may have been one of the most superb pitching performances in Rockies history.  He was simply untouchable tonight out in Los Angeles, a two hit gem and even that is an incredible understatement.  He threw a complete game in just 86 pitches!  I know it has been done in lower pitch counts even this year but we are talking about a guy the Cubs basically got rid of against arguably the best team in baseball this year.  At one point he had thrown first pitch strikes to 20 out of 22 batters and didn't let up much from there.

Now everyone out in the crowd calm down, I am not pushing this guy for a Cy Young award, I am just flabbergasted that Marquis was this overwhelming tonight.  I am no pitching coach, ex-pitcher or anything of the nature but I do know what being just about unhittable is and what dominating is and tonight Jason Marquis was both.  The LA pitcher was real good tonight as well, I think he ended up with 11 strikeouts but just had bad luck at the wrong time tonight or else he would have probably ended up with a complete game win instead of Marquis.

If the Rockies other pitchers can learn from tonight and from whatever else veterans like Marquis can teach them, the Rockies have the talent on the field day in and day out to at least compete for a wild card spot.  Maybe even a division crown if the Dodgers slip up a little and the Rockies keep winning the majority of their games.  Hopefully, the Rockies can prove that the World Series appearance a couple of years ago wasn't a fluke like everyone keeps saying it was.  It would be nice for a change to have other baseball fans and writers too, to consider the Rockies a legitimate threat and a dangerous team to play.  I know that may be wishing for a lot but I do.  Hopefully, I can point back to this first blog at the end of the season and say that I told you so, but there may be the unfortunate event that I have to look back this and say, I would like some BBQ sauce to wash all of those words down with please.

Until next time, same bat time, same bat channel.
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